Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mixtes are the new fixies.

And they come sans the attitude, deep V-necks and skinny jeans. They come in skirts, with baskets and bells, and they are my girls. (here is calitexican's). Tattoos are optional. Welcome to Spring 2010.
They can still be good friends though. An Italian Cinelli and my very sassy Frenchie, with a caffeinated common interest. Bike parking at Blue Bottle coffee on Linden. A happy place.
Fix me a mixte.
Fix me a mixte.


  1. yours is built for comfort, not for speed, but I bet it goes fast enough anyways.

  2. I feel kind of lame because I don't even know what my bike is, but I know I like riding it. A lot.

    p.s. I love your blog.

  3. oh my, the yellow seat, j'dore!


  4. Love your blog and I hope You like it http://lodzcyclechic.blogspot.com/
    Greetings from Lodz, Poland :)

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I traded in my old Fugi 10 speed (I'm not crazy enough to convert it to a fixie) for my comfortable, ladies frame Specialized Vienna and couldn't be happier. It's heavier, and I ride slower; but now I can sit upright and enjoy the ride without feeling like I have to race everywhere or impress anyone. People are never going to start riding their bikes if they think they have to become a hipster or train for the tour de France to do it.

  6. Yes, we are taking over! The basket mafia.

  7. spidey/ it certainly does dowhill.... steel bikes are great for that ;-)

    jaime/ oh dont. I rode mine for years before knowing what a mixteeee was
    +many thanks! thanks for stopping by

    maryJo/ merci, luv!!

    breblebrox/ wow awesome - Poland!! thanks lovely :D

    Emma/ heavier and slower, sounds like an excellent city bike! share some pics if you'd like, I LOVE old cute bikes. People will get over it and just ride for the ride, it's just a matter of time. -xoxo-

    Dottie/ DDDDDats rite!


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