Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to skirtland.

Spring is officially here. Not that we have any sort of serious winters around here, but is nice to say we have now changed seasons, which means you will see lots of skirts around town - on or off bikes. Nice!

When I got this skirt last year, I thought it might not work with the pedaling. That is always taken in consideration when/if I get any clothing, it has become some kind of second nature. Whoever invented stretchy corduroy. Kudos.
Welcome to skirtland.
Windy sunset.
On Sutter st. near Divis - heading to Japantown. Windy sunset.

Do you also mimic your bike position when trying out clothes or getting dressed? It is the invisible-bike dance. Come on, you do it like there is no one watching, right ;-)


  1. Of course I mimic the bike position! If I can't ride in it, I don't buy it.

    Of course, I also check out the "drinking a dry martini" position, as well...

  2. I found some dark PLAID golf pants that have lycra in them, sttrretchy. I was I trying them on in the store and I was doing squats and stretches, the sales person started talking golf to me and I said, "Oh, I don't golf!". Ahaa!! Anyway, good riding pants.

  3. I am seriously starting to do that now ;) especially on skirts eheh!

  4. Very cool skirt!

    I'm STILL waiting for Spring to make a real arrival so that I can get my skirts and dresses out to cycle in!

    Lady Vélo.

  5. Funky cool skirt! Leggings and skirt = my favorite clothing to bike on! <3 HJ

  6. Jon/ ja jaaa - I love it! and cheers to you my friend! :D

    Bill/ oh that's awesome - share some pics styling your fancy "golf" pants! he heee

    Lorenza/ yea! don't people know that is the bikey dance <3

    Lady Vélo/ it will come, and when it does it will be great, lots of skirts and leg happy times!

    hyeJin/ gracias love, cant wait to see ya **muah!


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