Monday, March 15, 2010

Not an Italian job.

How did I get to this. not sure.
I have been riding my Italian bicycle for many years and have never felt as comfortable riding it as have in the last few weeks. Maybe it's the company? timing, spring and a combination of taking some time off it and came back to it. Not sure and who cares.
Our crazy steep hills that this city offers any day, are super fun to descend with this blue beauty. It is not a matter of speed or equipment, it is grabbing what you have and enjoying it to the fullest. I love my bikes and I love my city.
Sure I prefer 20gazzilion times to ride the frenchie, but my smurfette road bike sure is tremendous fun. It will soon sport a new freewheel thanks to Eric.
Anyways. thought I'd share some no-hands action after butterlap last week. I'm pretty proud of this shot. Weeeee.


  1. Meli,
    Ha-ya that bike looks fast. My haul ass bike has
    a real short wheel base that always makes me feel
    like I'm going to go careening off into the Jones's.
    Spring kind of comes and goes with another huge
    snow storm yesterday but I've been getting some
    riding in.. Yay!!

    I revisited those pics of you last week , All dressed
    to go out. You look totally bicci- licious.
    Friday' just a couple days away...
    Have a great week.
    Jon C

  2. if you feel comfortable doing this on a race bike it is one well made machine - and one well balanced rider. great shot!

  3. As fashionable as you are--

    it's cool to see you sportin' the Sidis. Fashion and "bike equipment" don't have to be totally separate.

    i LOVE those shoes.

  4. jon/ many thanks!! ohhh biccilicious, i luvvit :D Fridays, my favorite evenings for sure

    eric/ muchas grazie luv! the torpado will get much more attention this year for once

    RJ/ oyy ♥gracias! yea sidis, I've never had anything against clipless shoes, they are quite helpful for up-hills :D and who would've known, quite comfy as well. im a fan ;-)


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