Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black magic.

arts commission artsyness blah bla blah
arts commission artsyness ad blah bla blah! polk at market. waiting for the light.
- - -
The name in the ad/sign is Carlos Santana. I have seen him twice in the last 2 years.
Once in a Warriors game, and another time walking with his pals in north beach on Union st. at Columbus. He is quite skinny and wears linen clothing most of the time.
Here I am, at Polk st. at Market. On my way to a caffeinated girl session with my ladies.
See, not all bike rides are for "commuting", or "training" you can mind your business, meet with your peeps and see stuff around town, like guess what flavor gum is slapped onto the fine signs like this one around the city, while you wait for the light to turn. Often you can't just jump this line because the cars are flying in all directions, not that I intend to anyways.

I easily find things to do while waiting for a light. Wonder if I have enough time to stop for coffee (always a priority), remember that I need to call my mom later in the day, what year we are on, the whole city is good for people watching, take a few pictures, and look at new things, new encounters all around you. The roads are interesting and full of objects, good people, bad people, things that will inspire your day, no matter what you do, you might think of a great idea while riding your bicycle.
3 amigas.
3 amigas.


  1. i love the reflection of your vans & socks in the window! such a rockin outfit!!

  2. I love it when I get new ideas or find solutions to problems while riding my bike, it's so much fun when that happens! It's literally like a light bulb goes off :) I wonder how many people find that? Although I do pay care and attention to the road etc, I find myself immersed in thought all the way to work and back :) BUT no good coffee places for me to stop during the journey! How bad eh?!

    cycle love ♥

  3. s farts? Maybe they should have thought that url through a little better! BTW, what coffee shop was that, with what looks like a pig on the cup?

  4. thanks eva <333

    lorenza - whatttadayamean no coffeee?!?! jk/ much love carina xxo.m

    steve/ yea sf aka farts city he heee :D
    and that would be four barrel coffee, a personal fave ;-)
    and ive never been able to photograph them myself, but here they are:



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