Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chestnut street.

Chestnut street.
A Muni stop with flowers, one of the few things I don't pay much attention to would be bus stops. They go quite unnoticed as I never spend any time, say, waiting for the bus. This one located on Chestnut right off of Pierce st. whatever its purpose is (all flowers are plastic) looks kinda nice. I noticed this on a recent trip from ILM in the presidio, heading towards the tenderloin. If you live in SF, and you have never visited the statue, go - you must.

I assume that this is an ad, for what looks like to me as a deodorant? detergent? I'm quite a visual person but sometimes advertising and I do not compute because my mind wonders off to the "average" wrong places, for example "Whoaa, we could really use all those flowers to decorate all of our bike baskets..." ok. I also immediately thought that it could possible mean a future closure of that section of Chestnut street to vehicles, or something city-esque like that.
Flowers on top of your Muni stop, they will distract you. Because you know that the Muni bus is running late, again. har har


  1. Hey ,
    It could be a roadside alter, like they have
    here in N.M. for someone who met their
    demise terminally waiting for the muni.
    Jon C

  2. Degree Deoderant. See the photo of the window. Need to blow it up about 200%, to see, read it.

  3. jon/ i know right - i tell you

    charlotte/ a pleasant view, reagardless ;-)

    tinker/ I don't quite need to blow it up, I was there ;-) but glad you notcied. it still doesn't really get a message across, to me anyhow. thanks for stopping by

  4. hi. there's a bus shelter on chicago's michigan avenue that's similarly decorated. i've been enjoying reading your blog!

  5. I'm not sure I'd put up a deo ad on a stinky bus stop either. When I think deo I think nice smelling and airy. That bus stop looks a little grotty and the plastic flowers just reminds me of fakeness - not the real thing.

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  7. I saw the same decorations at a bus stop on Masonic/Page, I think!!! Happy Easter/Spring!

  8. I would not be surprised to see the flower topped bus stop in San Fran. I would expect such a wonderful thing and be happy to wait for a bus under the shelter. I do pay attention to bus stops and believe that an attractive bus stop is a bus stop that gets used.

  9. If a definition of art is that it makes you look at things in a different way, then this is it--you could never look at that bus stop the same way again.

  10. karla/ thanks so much, im glad we've crossed paths :D

    beany/ well regardless it looks interesting, that bus line is crazy though this is thebeginning of the line - and here is why link

    KT/ i know right, i'll take those fake plastic flowers over any american apparel ones - anyday!!

    karen/ yup, we are quite crazy like that. A few months ago there was one with actual grass on top near civic center

    sabinna/ great point. thanks for stopping by :D

  11. Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O) Keep on posting.


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