Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buongiorno North Beach.

Sono io, meligrosa, e la mia macchina fotografica.

via Jason /facebooklands

You can find many old timers, those little nutty guys in North Beach any given morning, near a bar, smoking like a chimney and checking out what'z doing. People in North Beach are wacky, you just have to look past the one popular street and you are good to go. Plenty of locals and little gems all over the place.
"Hey-youuu I see you ovah there, what's that bicycle have to do with victoria's secret..." mkaaay, you old crow.
• the ugly •
eh - oh. keepin an eye on you ol' pirate.
eh - oh. keepin an eye on you ol' pirate.
howyouuu doin.
howyouuu doin.
eeh, eee. whatz doin'
eeeeh! whatz doin'

• the cute •
Everybody wave.
Jason +some either jetlagged tourists or walkers of shame. - Everybody wave.

• & the clowns •
And you might also come across clowns, a festival? heading to work? in the city, you never know.
well hi there
well hi there
heading to work in the wharf. twister pants included...


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