Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Butterlap tonite.

4 young men
Usual suspects.
Butterlap tonite. Weather should be nice, mid-week detox, pre-taxes workout, seeing the butter peeps. Volker **look away!! is out working on his shoulder 2.0, and the April's showers seem to be more off than on. A couple of weeks ago the drizzle was heavy, like the rhymes from the LBC.
heavy drizzle by the ocean.
Meet Peter. It was his first butterlap! swooon :D

And there was red everywhere! the red duo and the mc red miyata:
go red team
Go red team!

And the quite predictable, my red tights. Matching nail polish included.
nite post butter panda.

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  1. i didn't read it. really. just saw some photos from what looked like some random ride to me...

  2. yea who knows i randomly came across these people, i dont even know them... ;-)


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