Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo de dia: Baby Breeze

I need a breezy friend
I need a breezy friend.
Notice the chain guard has the name – so cool, will chat with the lady that rides it soon, I've seen her around
Frenchie's new BFF (Blue Found Friend) on Chestnut street - QFC


  1. That blue hue on a bike is absolutely gorgeous :D Vita has many Pashley friends round here, it's a good thing her basket is now in full bloom as otherwise it'd be hard to spot her ;) (not really though, she's my little bf so there's no way I'd confuse her with another Pashley!) xxx so nice to have you back in blogland!

  2. This looks almost exactly like the bike I had before going off to college... which my parents thus unceremoniously sold in their annual tag sale. What a good bike. Gotta love those BFFs.

  3. Ooh, beautiful Schwinn! <3 HJ

  4. Anyone else notice that it takes a long while for photos to download, and they always seem to STOP partway through (and if there is any particular point of interest, it will stop downloading before you can see it)?

  5. This is too cute! I foresee a bright future for these lovebirds!

  6. oh these are cute! which reminds me to bring out my schwin varsity more often...it's brown, but they have similar seats!

    it just needs the chain to be fixed, as it jumps any time i go up a hill...

  7. grazie mile lorenza!! cant wait to see your vita (ma che carina :D bici on the road this spring <3

    rebecca/ oy parents!! maybe u'll come across another one soon ;-)

    hyejin/ gotta say your orange is def. quite attractive!

    anonymous/ is this techy talk? is the site super slow? would be the first time in almost 2 years to hear that. do you use RSS?

    tamagosan/ yes! and the smell of spring luv is coffee - he heee

    jennine/ you and your beau should come to the sunday streets, it will be in ocean beach and there will also be service provided, for free if im not mistaken. more info here: http://sundaystreetssf.com/

  8. No, the text is quick enough, it's just photos stop downloading, for me anyway, about half way through, and never seem to complete. I saw the rest of the blue Schwinn photo you were discussing yesterday, when I returned to the site this AM.

    Maybe I just have too many tabs, open. I'll cut back/split them up and see how it works.

  9. ah, well if that persists if you read many blogs it is quite easy to sort them out in rss feeds, like google reader. that way you only see the posts when the blogs have updated and not say go to their websit n see if they have posted or not. also pretty easy to keep up if you read many various sites.
    good luck! :D


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