Monday, April 12, 2010

Day and night.

colores on market st.

The weather has been quite moody over the weekend. The sun flirted for some time, then the bike lane was invaded by angry floating dark bullies in forms of dark clouds that were chasing everybody in town scoring points left and right for the weather nintendo game. 1 up.

I'm only happy when it rainsssssssss

market at van ness
rain on van ness.


  1. the link to the picture of market/van ness is beautiful!

  2. Did they paint that wall just for Frenchie? Perfect!

  3. that shot just rocks. LOVE it.

  4. ♥thanks you all

    +yes, I called them up, & told them make--it--work! :D

  5. Van Ness and Market never looked better!
    Awesome shot! Well done.

  6. thanks Man :D
    -great to hear from you!

  7. Meligrosa,

    what do you do when you ride in the rain? Especially when it's warm out, do you wear some kind of rain cape thing to keep you dry? I'm not one for holding the umbrella in one hand while steering with the other, so I'm always curious what else there is out there in terms of rain savvy ideas?

    Thank you!


  8. this evening, I was wearing a 'water-resistant' jacket by marmot, that is nothing but. I got soaked but I was not prepared. I have a small rain coat that is light and pretty water resistant, but not water"proof" - whatever all those terms mean, I find them ok to ride a few miles and go home. the best tights and material to wear when wet weather is wool. favorite material ever :D


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