Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This week: Bikes in retail.

Ran into this good looking ad while waiting for coffee, what else. Found the blue/orange suit combination quite peculiar, too bad that young guys in San Francisco opt for the -I just rolled outta bed and I'm going back to programming- look, or -I don't work and haven't shaved in weeks, now I'm gonna go back to some cafe and read Philosophy books- than the dress up work look. But anyways, that doesn't bother me. Still thought this posed photo was kind of nice for pre-coffee AM eye candy. I think it was a Saks 5th Ave Men's catalog, and it would actually be more attractive if he was actually riding thru the streets of, say 5th avenue?
Ok, see, now I'm getting picky.

saks 5th ave catalog

I've gotta say though, in the last few weeks I have seen SO many great looking gals on bikes, and I don't mean that they are dressed to the nines. Women of all ages, styles, riding all over the city and wow, makes me so happy. A skirt here, a basket there, even in full-on lycra with the cutest socks, I was like YEAAHHH! Awesome.

So here we have "ELEgant tomboy" I happened to spot this display in the Bloomingdale's downtown. I was certainly more into the bike than in any of the clothes around it, but not surprising to see a bike as ads everywhere now. It has been happening more and more often. And that is a good thing. Bikes everywhere please!


  1. Yeah! I see bicycles a lot in Santa Barbara stores. But I increasingly see them in magazines, movies (500 days of Summer), and adverts. Good. Or maybe my bike-radar is just always on.

  2. i saw the saks 5th avenue mag in our kitchenette here at work too.

    stylin', profilin'

  3. bikes are the honey and we are the bees, i think our radar is always out for them! :D


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