Sunday, May 9, 2010

¡Feliz Mother's Day!

hi mom!
hi mom!

When I was a kid, my mom was always the one taking pictures. All the time. And drinking coffee. Always her coffee. I was recently asked how I got into taking pictures so much, and it is not necessarly a design and artsy background, ultimately it was my mom that injected that curiosity in me. She never took a class. She never had a fancy camera. She just shot and shot away.
In grade school I was always embarrased because she always wanted me to gather all of my friends and come pose for the camera. She is probably laughing now, as taking pictures is quite the healthy vice of mine. And I am a total coffee zombie. As I get older, I catch myself seeing many of my mother's energetic personality characteristics in me, balanced with my father's nonchalantness.

the day my beautiful black cat ♥velcro was adopted - SF SPCA

in Berkeley, a few years ago

Ocean girls. Mom always holding her coffeee, from trouble
She was the one that decided training wheels were silly the day I got my bicycle and kept chasing after me, and chasing after me until I was able balance off and ride the bicycle. I can tell you the path in the park that I did it. It was a summery Sunday and I think I was 4 or 5. She does have pictures, of course.
This loca lady of mine will go anywhere. I tell her of a coffee spot, it's a let's go. Any concert in Golden Gate Park - oh she loves it. Her favorite coffee spot in the city is Mojo's. She said it's great people watching, full of 'youth' and all the bikes coming in and out is fun. She is also a huge fan of Atlas Cafe in the mission and Peet's in the Ferry building.

mi mom at mojo's
mi mom and her midday coffee at Mojo's on divis.

I feel very very thankful for the way my mother raised me and made me the person that I am today.

♥ Gracias Mom - te quiero muchooooooooo ♥


  1. What a beautiful mom -- now I see where you got your good looks...
    And you have a cat named Velcro? Well, I've often thought of re-naming my Kitty (just plain Kitty) Velcro -- the instant I try getting her off my lap the claws come out... And when she is very happy the claws come out again -- giving her great difficulty in walking across the carpet...

  2. That is a very nice tribute to your Mom. I hope she reads your blog as it would make her feel very good for sure.

  3. Meli,
    Mothers are super special. From all the black kitties of the world, happy mothers day to you!
    peace :)

    ps. i call our black kitty, "scar" whenever he decides to test his claws on me.

  4. Meli,
    My Mom was the one who pushed me down the
    street on my first precarious bike ride too !! Wow!
    I can remember it like it was about 20min ago....
    Your mom looks absolutely wonderful. You're so
    Jon C

  5. Just an awesome and yet seemingly simple post!
    Well done on so many levels.

    Cheers -


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