Saturday, May 8, 2010

With love from: Vietnam


Welcome to the Vietnam series – guest posts from a fellow San Franciscan photog - the lovely Mai /fashionist/ during her travels in Asia. This post will close her beautiful series and I'd like to thank her for the collaboration, colorful photography and nice stories. ♥

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Hoi An, Vietnam /part three
Story, and photography by Mai


Hoi An is my favorite tourist friendly town in all of Vietnam. It's a place I know how to easily orient myself and get around. I like riding my rental bike to the beach each day where I swim for hours. After I'm burnt and sandy I ride to the tailor to be fitted for custom made clothes. The local tailors promise that they can copy anything you bring in or have a picture of. I'm a little wary of the picture route, so I bring in clothes I want copies of. It helps that I know how to sew, I suggest looking closely at seams and if you have a lot of items to make, you might consider going to more than one tailor. The turn around time is usually 1.5 days.

Cyclos (xiclos) in Hoi An are more regimented than in any other Vietnamese place I've been. They are all maintained, parked in the same downtown area and the drivers wear a uniform.


They have fantastic nuoc mia (fresh squeezed before your eyes sugar cane juice) found on almost every corner. I didn't take any pictures of the fantastic cao lau and com ga (chicken rice) I had there, but since I'm not from this region of Vietnam - these renditions of the regional food was such a delight. I'm such a foodie/nerd that I wrote down the "address" so I could find the same street vendors when I come back in a few years' time. Hoi An has almost convinced me that I should spend a month there every year for the rest of my life.

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  1. I'm really enjoying the Vietnam pics. It's long been at the top of my must-travel-to list.

  2. Are step-through frames really so predominant in Vietnam or is that just the focus of the pictures? I only saw one diamond frame in all these photos.

  3. meli! thanks for letting me guest post! you are the best.

    @steve a yes, step-thru frames are the most prevalent bikes in Vietnam. at least in all the cities I've been to.

  4. really enjoying your blog, these shots are gorgeous.

  5. I recently found this blog, and just came across the series about Vietnam. The photos are gorgeous! I would love to visit Vietnam but have a question for Mai - how difficult would it be to travel there without speaking the language? I've been to many countries without speaking the primary language, however most of them have been European, and many people have also spoken English. Would it be much more difficult in Vietnam? Thanks - I've really enjoyed reading these posts!


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