Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fernando. Alejandro. Alejandro.

Frenchie poses on a very quiet Thursday late nite.
Frenchie poses on a very quiet Tuesday night.

About a week ago, I went as a +1 with my new partner in Spanglish crimes Fernando, to the fancy opening of the Hola Mexico Film Festival here in SF. While he looked great in a suit, I had my bicycle to be my most fancy and prized accessory. Out of the 50+ crowd, I don't think anyone biked. He thought it was funny I had given the stink-eye look to the teenager working in the theatre, for not letting me bring my bike into the lobby. I was OK after he said his bike was parked out in the rack and he thought it wasn't bad at all. Not that I trust teenagers, but well. I was OK with that (forgot to take photo) I still came out to check on it once during the movie, which went a little bit over 3 hours. Coffee withdrawal maximus.
Anyways, this is what I wore. Hat and birds and all.

red, white and green


  1. Looking Goood!

    Just a passing thought. They have all those pubs on bicycles, with beer and all that, so why not develop a coffee bar on a multiple pedal chassis? Maybe have a few good looking guys as Baristas/Stokers. Not sure how you'd get power to brew up a cup, but that shouldn't limit a creative person, much. Maybe you'd have to pull over and stop, but surely not a great loss, with the right guy, huh?

  2. yup. one - asides MOJO's, that won't 'switch' you table cuz there is someone with a larger party than you. gaaaaaah-dear mojo, dont make me get my own bike-coffee shop and have lush customer service >>> jesssss sayin.

    and yes tinnker, that is *great* thoughts. im bringing you abroad if I ever jump into the commercial side force... he hee :D


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