Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo de dia: Connect four.

Connect four
Frenchie poses in front of Mona Caron's mural. Behind the Safeway on Church st/Market st, in the castro.


  1. I just love the bicycle/mural shots you do! I see a book here...

  2. you out of all people would know this - xxxo!
    &you'd get first run in-print!! :D

  3. Oh yeah, Mona Caron -- she's a wonderful muralist -- so precise and technical... I discovered her work a year or two ago in that same general area. The one of several old City scenes. She has a good website and has really done a lot in the mission.

  4. Donald/ she is RAD :D
    i have yet to check out her piece in the tenderloin. maybe we can meet for coffee down on post and check it out soon?! :D

    camilla/ thanks for stopping by <3


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