Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm. Taking a ride. With Omar.

im. taking a ride. with omar.
The other Sunday Omar and I went for a "short" ride up to Marin. To me, short means coffee. Otherwise it doesn't exist. Well, we still have coffee, but it wasn't until we got to the bottom of a mean steady steep hill, and I said:
-oh we are going back to the cafe that way right?-
Omar said: "No, we are going up, down and then back around. Then we go get coffee"
Up and away.
I hadn't even thought about it much and Omar had taken off.
He said, you got the gears now..."
Two Italians.
Errrrrrrr - ok I went. Was fun. Kinda windy, but OK. We drank coffee at CIBO, the one special spot in Marin currently (the only one perhaps in Sausalito?) serving Blue Bottle coffee. That, itself makes it all worth it. Yes.
Moments of concentration.
So I enjoyed it while I can, then we headed another nasty hill (Alexander dr.) on our way back into the city. I was ready for a hot shower and some more coffee. Cheers.


  1. mmmm coffee, Marin, sounds idyllic to me.

  2. :D yes, even 'short rides' turn out to be 16+mi trips. thanfully there is coffee to motivate me

  3. you sent me here. thanks. hugs Marin!

  4. good. good. some DM always goes along bikes,the city, boys. as long as you remember who is wearing the trousers.


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