Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Such a snob. Ask away.

Thanks to Chronicle books for sending this piece of snobbery over my way.
After reading on and off the snob for awhile, I realized that many of his jokes I didn't quite get because I don't ride a fixie, and I have also never raced or have been into fast bikes.
However, I still enjoyed the dedication and his style of writing. I was never really into his anonymosity but perhaps he knew the whole time he would at the end wound up with a book offering. At anyrate, this book, has now arrived in the melilands and it is ready to be read by me. That said, here we go.
IMG_0086 1
While looking at the book, I pulled the Kill Rock Stars album. They are graphically long lost cousins, that cover art resembles a tad to Olympia Brewing Company [link]. Thought I'd share.
Visually and physically, the book is quite pleasant. I have not finished it yet, but I was happy to find a great interview by Tom over at bikejuju with the artist behind the book, Chris Koelle. Read all about it and check out his work space here: Artist Profile: Chris Koelle -from bikejuju

It also came with a little 'deluxe' patching kit. That's kinda nice.
IMG_0086 2

So, the bike snob, aka señor Weiss, will make his appearance in SF:
TH June 17th from 630PM- 8PM at the Sports Basement, San Francisco.
FRI June 18 from 630PM - 730PM at Barnes & Nobles on Stevens Creek +San Tomas Expy, San José.

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Here at Bikes & The City alongside Chronicle Books, we are teaming up to collect questions from you – anything you'd like to ask him, please post your question(s), and he will answer in the next few days. Please submit your questions by commenting to this post, or send them to me via email (subject: snobNYC) to bikesandthecity -at- gmail
Ok all, thanks and looking forward to seeing what you are curious to ask him.

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  1. I finished reading it last week, me gusto, unos capitulos mas que otros and I loved the satire y me rei hasta llorar con his concept of "salmoning"

    I didn't know though what to do with los comments del Sr. Snob el capitulo de las "Beautiful Godzilla"...


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