Monday, August 9, 2010

Upcycle the cycle

This green hack is presented to you by putting stuff away to the store and/or donate pile, when suddenly those two hook-rings from this bag spoke to me, and they wanted to tag along with me for the long ride. This bag is made from 100%recycled materials (I won a raffle thing 2 years ago from greenLAgirl) and became a brand new saddle bag, big enough to hold a little more than just a spare tube.
Though I highly covet a round small bag saddle from the British company Carradice, as well as the x-small saddlesack from Rivendell, I will settle with this quick fix – for now.
I went to the hardware store and bought the two rectangle keychain small pieces for about $2.50 for both, and here is what happened.

Little green hack
This is what all that fits in my skull little bag. +a rear blinkie light.
Little green hack 2/6
Detach it and go.
Little green hack 3/6
The strap detaches, so it works.
Little green hack 4/6
Little green hack 1/6
Little green hack 5/6
keychain attaches to bag and to the Brooks saddle hooks.
Little green hack 6/6
done deal.

This went inside. (clockwise from top right: first aid kit *yes includes neosporin*, camera, keys,
Red notebook, pen, wallet, phone, sunblock, vitamins) Later added rolled up arm warmers and 3 granola bars.
Coffee went into insulated KleanKanteen + water bottle, both on the racks.


  1. love it! and arm warmers are a must in this town.

  2. Nyle could have used some of that neosporin this weekend. OUCH -

  3. lmg/ this town's weather is always on menopause. luvvit :D

    alex/ awww pobresitoooo!

  4. Very cool!

    Bike shops carry shrinking plastic tubing which is used to put on electric light cables. If the bag rings rattle, maybe you can put some shrinking plastic on them. You shrink it using a flame from a lighter or a match.

    (I'm allergic to rattles)


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