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Women who bike the distance: Alice

This is a dedicated space for women that kick butt in the everyday errands, commute and fun rides, and decide to take it a curious, wanderluster step beyond comfort to miles and miles ahead to see what's out there, do long distance rides, camping and explore the landscapes.
Please do leave your comments and/or questions for the featured riders and enjoy!
bikey in Italy
bikey in Italy

Women Who Bike the distance: Alice
**all photos below provided by Alice

When did you start your long distance curiosity and where was the first ride you recall as being such a long ride?
I decided about a year ago that I wanted to work towards riding distances. It took me a little while to save up for my dream bikey-bike, a (sparkly red!) Rivendell Sam Hillborne, and now it's on!

I join the Pushbike ladies ride whenever I can (15 or so miles?), and I am determined to get my ass to Butterlap!

I'm also fascinated by Randonneuring. The people who participate in these rides seem to have some of the most beautiful bikes in the world and I think the social aspect of it is rad.

What upcoming rides do you have +the location?
I'm doing a series of 6 Grizzly Peak Cyclist novice rides in August that start at 20 and work up to 40 miles, and then I'm going to do Foxy's Fall Century (50k) in Davis in October. Hopefully by next summer I can ride in the SF Randonneurs' 115k Populaire. Your pictures were really compelling and it looked like a good time!

The 3 things that are a must to bring with you:
Water, snacks, Bart money in case of bailout

Other helpful tips you have for women +men, who are new and/or curious about long-distance riding:
I feel like I'm just starting and I'm figuring it out as I go. I just purchased some SheeBeast cycling tights that look unobtrusively like leggings under skirts, but still provide a little protection for the girl parts.

I'm a Smartwool addict...merino wool totally keeps you warm or cool depending on what you need and it doesn't get stinky.

I like to ride in regular clothes and try to be cute whenever possible. I'm inspired by a certain Bikes and the City lady to wear cute tights and dresses...especially for long rides.

Favorite meal/beverage after a long ride:
Beers & burgers...I feel like I've earned it.

Circa 1994 BMX
Circa 1994 BMX
helmets are sexy
helmets are sexy
Alice's Hillborne
Alice's Hillborne at Dr.Sketchy's event this past May, which she is an absolute awesome organizer!! :D

♥Gracias Alice!!


  1. I just scanned your page... you are taking things in a different direction

    I had considered doing interviews and Q&A

    the BLOG is an electronic evolution
    if our BLOGS were always exactly the same as they were... we could just re-POST and re-POST

    I was thinking about where my blog is right now
    how I bitch less about traffic
    how I have been sharing less information
    how I have been posting less images as a whole

    that is fine
    it is good for me to take a break
    currently trying to organize my photos instead of just posting photos

    man... I have a lot of photos
    once I get all the images on one hard drive... then I will try to get a GWADZILLA PHOTO BOOK together

    so far... I am very pleased with the depth of my images
    I have more print worth images than I had thought

    stay the course

  2. hi gawdzilla. thanks for the comment, which I believe is the first one from you, but that is cool - ive followed your blog for about 2 years now. hope all is well and keep pedaling :D
    best regards +much luv to DC bikey peeps


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