Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hola, mi amor.

Getting the ♥Frenchie back from a tune-up session felt awesome. Like my mood improved 2349x automatically, honestly it had been not the best week at work -ok it was really shitty- and about a week ago I was more than happy to pick her up from the finest bicycle establishment in the northeast of the city, North Beach's own Citizen Chain.
Here are some pictures, as if I haven't posted plenty of shots, it has been really cool to know the shop from when it used to be across the street not that long ago. Maybe 2+ years ago [link]? I don't precisely know, but the shop is certainly always looking good!
Here is a mini photo journal. Enjoy!
bad carma
bad carma
hola mi amor
it is not easy being pink
for little citizens
for international citizens
high standards
high standards
masi star
masi star

So, my new S Brooks saddle - the B66 S in honey is currently shipping. Since I have a tremendous case of separation anxiety with my bicyclette, well and basket anxiety since my road beauty has not such assets, I will have to roam with this temporary one and review it along the way.
Actually, it ain't bad for something that is 30$, so if you need something inexpensive and now - the chain's got it.
To be honest, I have now riding leather on both of my bikes for 5+years, and for as much as I ride, synthetics just don't cut it. My little rear is a little spoiled I suppose, so has been a great investment (when I first bought my Pro S Brooks) that I have never regretted. Really.
So anyway, so far I have already done butter and my daily adventures on this saddle, so it is OK for the next couple of weeks.
oh. hai.
oh. hai.

cha cha chain changes
bling bling. new cha cha chain changes
Shiny new cable holder
Sasha's new experiment with this brake metal part. Im liking it
Let's roll
Let's roll, we say goodbye to her fellow european Brit friends, the Pashleys. okbye ladies!
French Italian
French Italian.
If you ever need a 3course unexpensive homie Italian meal, Capp's corner will do ya good. Also for a beer and some sports at their bar in the middle of the day. Eeeh - it's just a little something.


  1. Love the bike. Love the pics. Love that they spelled carma with a C. :)

  2. Flippin heck,MG you are killing me! Through your eyes,everything in San Francisco seems better, or perhaps it really is . Either way, you are such a passionate promoter of you city,they should give you a medal. Thanks, as always, for making my day. cheers ,Ian~Melbourne

  3. thanks salina! yea citizen chain is a fine SF establishment, the guys sasha+dallas area awesome :D

    slow rpm/ aaaw <3 thanks so much - I am and i LOVE my state, so beautiful and so close to the ocean, I have never live further than 7 miles away from it!
    thanks Ian, as always :D

  4. .......if you could slip some photos in of bikes AND the ocean, plus surfing ,it would be a pretty cool thing!~ian

  5. oh of course!! you know, next time Im out there will do, you can also see the Bay from many spots in SF. Ok well, im just getting myself into more water pictures =)


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