Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Vigil for Yannick - this past Aug 25th.

The vigil that took place in the Western Addition communicty this past Wednesday, August 25th was emotional. I have had a hard time seeing this intersection the same way, and I didn't even know this person. The loss of Yannick, a visiting tourist from Germany, touched us as community. This fatality, it could have been any of us at any time, our friends, our family and it hurt to see him leave this world hit (&run) by a drunk driver. Our prayers are with his loved ones.

The vigil was very emotional.
May he rest in peace.

Masonic and Turk | Wednesday, August 25th - San Francisco Calif.
Vigil for Yannik
Vigil for Yannik
Vigil for Yannik

Thanks to Michael from bikeNOPA, Marc, Supervisor Mirkarimi and everyone that helped organized this vigil.

Further articles/reading:

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  1. I often wonder how anybody who has seen one of these sites can ride a white bicycle. When I see I white bike, particularly with white tires I have to wonder if the rider is ignorant of the meme or just has bad taste.

  2. I think the same thing. I actually got to 'know' public bikes b/c of one cream frame I think. quite strange, I posted it here and a few people had the same reaction.
    they really do give me the goosebumps, too many unfortunate prayers y santitos and all.
    may they rest in peace, we will miss those ones whose lives got taken way too early (hearts+prayers)

  3. thanks for blogging this. (sorry for scowling at you when i walked into your shot. was thinking and didn't realize it was you at first)

    the memorial was beautiful and i hope some good will come out of it to FIX MASONIC and other unsafe streets to prevent more tragic deaths.


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