Monday, September 27, 2010

In print: local poems by Donald

shine in '09

I was very happy to receive issue 10/50 of "Shine in '09" by Donald ---- a sparkling local little book of poems, and bikes. Takes place in San Francisco.

The first time Donald showed up to butterlap, he let me know he had found out about it through my posts, so I thought that was rad. A few weeks after that, he handed me this book, so I'm sure he'll be happy to see it posted here.
His writings mention plenty of spots you will more than likely recognize. Reminds me of riding in my white boots and impromptu make-out sessions by maggie mudd's. It's pretty good.
shine in '09

(If readers ask, and if you happen to drop-in the blog, let me know -if these are sold- where they can buy a copy)
♥Gracias, Donald!!

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  1. Meli, thanks for the writeup! Reminders of Maggie Mudd makeouts are the best compliment possible.

    Most of the poems in the book are available as a PDF here:

    The chapbook was for sale at Modern Times and Needles and Pens until yesterday when I picked up the end of my consignment runs. Interested readers, contact me directly for a hard copy!



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