Monday, September 27, 2010

In print: lucky bikes

This week I'll be posting local and commercial prints that I have been gathering and/or come across and been wanting to share. I love print and I keep/collect/exchange/donate/recycle these, depending on each individual item. Thought I'd share the love. Cheers
Mi mom got me a copy of this October Lucky magazine. I have browsed these Lucky magazines when I go to the dentist, and it is usually about past seasons, but it's kinda fun to see the thousands of shopping 'suggestions' that I never knew existed. I have too much fun in vintage stores but anyway, below are some pages that caught my bikey eye. Nothing too new, bikes in commercials and ads have been increasing their popularity and I'm all for them. Any exposure is good. Well maybe not the credit-report commercials mocking the fact that because you can't get a good credit score, you don't get a car therefore you ride a bike. Aggggh. Ok, nevermind - back to magazines.

lucky 1 | Stiff as leather
Stiff as leather. Why so serious?!
lucky 2 | Make out city
Make-out city. People with bikes kiss better. That is the message.
lucky 3 | Nice bikes
She's cute, but my eye goes straight to those parked bikes back there.

Bicycles in ads, wish they felt less posed and more real, but I got my gReader and the awesome blog lists to get my dose of wonderful real peeps on bikes. And if some celebrity or models are actually riding a bike I'll spot it on dlisted or cyclelicious celebrities posts.
This issue will be given to a friend or recycled. Ding-ding =)


  1. Clearly, one of the major requirements to ride a bike in the city is cute boots - even Meli is sporting a pair on her 9/27 post!

  2. Damn! Now I have to go boot shopping.


    Speaking of bikes, fashion, etc

  4. mark/ he hee thx luv. I am kinda a high-heels boot rider huh :D

    salina/ boots are awesome!! your rain boots are super cute!

    natalie/ aaah that is genius! thx for sharing, might have to re-post it soon :D


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