Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little words.

Big meaning.
 well said.

I am super happy to be rocking my little new saddle. It is a honey-colored Brooks B67.
It was 7PM and it must have been around 80° ---- here we are, the one and only Dallas and I at Citizen Chain. He has been a huge fan of the sexy steel blue bike aka Frenchie for years. =)
with Dallas. frenchie gets new saddle

+ok, back to riding all over the city 
who's that cat in the hat
who's that cat in the hat? I like that stencil!!! -bien classy
mi beautiful Polk street
mi beautiful Polk street

 Okay, pues. Have a great weekend!!
--besos ♥xxo.meli --


  1. Nice saddle... that's one of my favorites...

  2. Saddle is wicked cool (as are you)!

  3. That's the same saddle I've got. It's extremely comfortable, although it will start creaking on occasion. A few drops of oil on the springs takes care of that. It looks like you've angled properly also.

  4. I like the "still life in bike basket" composition with the rose and the leather bag.

    Congrats on the new saddle!

  5. Love the purse as much as the bike! I have a 30+ year old Raleigh mixte with basket, rack & trunk bag. I remember when I got my honey colored B67 put on finally. It just completed the picture. Frenchie is lovely.

  6. Sharp eye, catching the bike lane hat!!

  7. Great saddle! It suits the Frenchie perfectly well! My favourite Brooks is the B17...
    If you want to "push" further, you maybe can find a vintage "Ideale" saddle. Ideale was the French Brooks equivalent, but it has disappeared from the market a long time ago.
    Cool Brooks saddle, anyway!

  8. Love your new saddle and all the lovely images! Hope you had a good weekend!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  9. cosmo bean/ cant wait for it to grow older :D

    jon/ stop making me blush, he hehe :D

    myles/ that is a *great* tip as it was driving me insane the other nite, a rare super quiet evening… I'm looking forward to more adventures, already loving it!!

    bev/ oh great eye, you know that trunk, that day I took it into repair, took me a few months to find someone who would repair it, I am a huge believer of repairing :D
    gracias, frenchie is in honey heaven

    parisian cyclist/
    ah that is awesome, will keep that in mind :D
    im have been a fan since trying it out on my italian road bike, which I must say, because of the saddle - didnt ride it much. cheers!

    lovely bicycle! /chasingmailboxes /maryJo
    ♥gracias luvs!


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