Saturday, October 16, 2010

everything orange.

Everywhere you turn is black and orange as San Francisco advances to another round in the MLB.
giants win

 The other night when they beat the Braves, I met up with my two peeps at Public and noticed that there was no bike valet at the ballpark, so this brings a question and awareness of lack of racks to just go to Public House (is it open without the games happening? I'm not sure), so we grabbed a beer and parked the bikes within distance.

 a sign of a need-for-racks.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this guy, who is also a big fan of orange skin. (as mi amigo DN, recommends seeing it large...)
 go giants a train crash
frenchie takes a break
Frenchie was so floored at such sighting we had to take a little break by the Bay.
Los Gigantes are back in town on Tuesday so stay posted with traffic/people crowds. and as always watchout for the #1 fan my friend KT around the crowd!
And that is the current state of affairs weekend dose :)


  1. Re the gentleman in the swimsuit.In Australia we call these 'Budgie Smugglers'. And good for him. I reckon once you reach a certain age,you've earned the right to wear whatever you darned well like!


  2. Srsly, moar racks = always good!

    I've been digging the Giants from Guam, where it's Monday morning and I'm watching the Sunday afternoon game. We celebrated yesterday's Game One victory against the Phillies with some rally sandwiches.

  3. slow rpm/ ritee?! yea good for him. all out or nothing at all =)

    tamagosan/ aaaaaaah!! really, that sounds *awesome*
    sounds like you are having a blast in guam
    los gigantes are kickin booty!!!


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