Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pac hills.

sup bitches
Hills and views, wanderlusting edition

Back in early September, I still had the temporary saddle, and had no shame on walking a block or two around these nasty hills. For those of you outside the City, and those of you who never go or explore neighborhoods near Pac-Heights, here is a little map love:

Streets: arguello>sacramento>presidio>jackson>fillmore>pacific>polk

It is actually quite easy to get from anywhere in the Richmond to say, North Beach via Pacific Heights. The City views are so nice on a clear day/night, just beautiful becuase it is so high up. I was thinking maybe I'd run into all these women that live around here (Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Danielle Steel, Jessica McClintock) and take them for a bike ride, image that?!... he heeee.
Do any of you do this side of town as a regular ride? fun, work, daily commute or route? do tell.

Right as I was riding past the park, I spotted someone taking pictures and thought, not many tourists hike up here on bikes (though, you'd be surprised!) and a nice casual dapper hat, I was convinced he was a local and I knew him or was about to --- and it was Chris!
I happened to be riding on Jackson, on my way from the Western Addition and heading towards North Beach. What a pleasant surprise =)
ran into Chris! 
oh HAI
Here we are at the northwest corner of Alta Vista park, where you can see plenty of foofie dogs and lots of dog walkers as well as the Bay, and parts of the City skyline. We chatted for a bit.
I never run into anyone much at all in Pac-Heights nor riding through Laurel Heights, but we both weren't surprised at all, Chris, a wanderluster of the City himself, was also on a roaming kick and had just descended Twin Peaks.
Chris y yo en Alta plaza park
I really enjoy chatting with Chris, our conversations could go for hours in many - many cultural, political, and community affairs.
You might know of him by the sound of his bike and the rythm of his bike bells decorated by the little coconuts around the city. Or his books.

Chris runs the 'Cycles of history' tours-series benefitting Shaping SF.


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  2. pc/ meric beacup!

    cosmo bean/ ;-) he heee...

  3. I agree that people forget about Pac Heights. As soon as I discovered Polk St., I felt that nowhere in the City was off-limits, including there. I went to middle school there and could have saved myself about 50 minutes on the 24-Divis... That was a different age for biking (early 90s) but still...

  4. hi... i was making a comment on the non- Brooks saddle before i read the post, it was an old pic sans Brooks... drunk blog commenting is the new drunk texting...i wasn't drunk i just was not awake yet... ill be a more careful commentator in the future...


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