Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blue bread bike, brioches, birotes and bigotes

Mariachi hat, bici bread hat
I love it!!
I don't think I had noticed that pretty painting of the panadero bread man on his bici.
It must be fairly new, so I asked the guy working if he knew who panited it - and he said:
"I don't know who or where that is supposed to be, it was painted by this guy that comes and works here sometimes, so he just put it up"
Well, whoever that happy bigotudo is (man with thick mustache) in that painting, smiling with his cute overalls and blue bike, even a running chucho as a sidekick, he needs to come visit me *right now* and deliver me some of that sweet bread and empanadas, to go with my coffee =)

Bakery "La Mejor"
3329 24th st


  1. Thats a good mustachio, but i like your "los stachio" better...

  2. Thanks for sharing such a useful stuff!


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