Thursday, November 18, 2010

Window seat, please.

Both shots taken within 5 seconds from the window. Opposite trains. Oakland rains
Opposite trains and Oakland rains
Oakland rain

Was hoping to capture some raindrops on the window, but Bart windows can often times display the sunset, a storm packing up and leaving for the next town, the train's remarkable filthy carpeted seats, and a the Bay view. This was right after taking off from the West Oakland station and going into the deep black infinte tunnel that lies underneath the Bay, connecting the East Bay with San Francisco.
Unintentionally, the guy and his pink bike made it into the frames.
Then I got back to my book.
This evening was the first day of daylight saving times, about 2 weeks ago.


  1. I like these two pictures. Interesting how two of the people are fiddling with their electronic gadgets but at least the guy with the bike is the one holdout enjoying hard copy print. The top shot is a good capture.

  2. Cool pics and really nice as a pair. Dreamy.

  3. sinbad/ yes, you know I notice those things too much. Im pretty much not a fan at all of mi cellphone. grrr
    ur familiar with the dating is boring pool - it's a little photo group

    ariel/ gracias!! not too often I get to the eastbay and when I lived there +used bart everyday, I detested it.

  4. Oh the 'dating is boring' was so much fun. I did not know about it. This gives me a whole new set of subject matter to have fun with. Thanks.


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