Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Discussion panels, colorful, rainboots, friends and arepas. It's raining, ¿y qué!??

it's raining. y que?!
Riding in the rain.
Slow, wet.
It sucks. It's fun.

So wat, right?! Rain has been very temperamental in the last few days.
One minute the sky has super cool cloud patterns, the next it's raining buckets. I'm into it.
joaniebaby y frenchie

How do you prepare to ride in the rain?
I have contemplated buying a new raincoat for a few years. Last Saturday, I was caught a tad on the non-prepared side, but still managable. My little 'summer' wind-water resistant jacket earned lots of respect from me because it dried *super* fast and it kept me dry after riding in what seems a long distance when it is raining buckets. I'm sure it would have started to fail if we rode 4+miles during that time, but after dinner the rain calmed down a bit and the drops didn't seem as intense. There was also some thunder. By the end of the night, I had almost forgotten we had gotten so wet earlier in the evening, which is a good thing. Anyway, here is how the afternoon began.

Here is la Calitexican and I, this is how we rode, with the exception that I swapped the sweater with my jacket, but that is about it. The red dress is linen-like cotton and it got drenched, but it dried super fast. Tights are great to ride in the rain, the dry out. Also do it quite quickly. And the boots I was wearing, they pretty much put up with poddles, rain and all. I always forget each year if they perform OK in rainy days. I guess they do well. And for rain-bike parking I always tote around a shower cap to cover the saddle, trick learned from our friend Ade.
Melyssa here is rocking some pretty awesome argyle-pattern rain boots. I'll get a picture of them and her bike once we are not swimming in traffic.

This was this past Saturday, I participated in the I Live Here: SF discussion panel. It is the first panel I have ever participated in and it made me feel very special to be with such wonderful people and their thoughts, things and snippets of life they got to share with us all.
The panel consisted of a number of us covering multiple age groups, interests, ethnicities, neighborhoods and interests. Julie Michelle, the woman behind the awesome myriads of images in these walls, presented each of us with 2-3 well selected questions for each of us, which evoked an answer that could easily turned into a conversational long paragraph. I also wanted to thank mi special amigos crew for going, the weather was quite umpredictable, and no one likes the first few rainy days.
So thank you!

1-2 1-2
1-2 1-2
Justin check the mics. Julie in the far left, began the discussion panel shortly after.
panel begins
The audience.
get your yo-yoing on.
Awesome yo-yo demo included, that's right. This is yo-yo Joe.
with Donald
After the panel ended, I got to finally meet long-time blog reader Donald of A Photo a Day. Hola! =)

Here is Wardell and I.
We make a great duo because we both ride beautiful machines in their own sense, and we share an affinity for bold-loud-fun fashion, what do you think?! His car (is a she) Star One, is a fantastic piece of art.
Two of us and our two machines.
we make a great duo
Frenchie y Star One
Frenchie y Star One

The exhibit's closing reception is next Tuesday Nov. 30th from 5-7PM.
Thanks for reading!! Stay colorful + stay dry 


  1. I love your photos of cycling in the rain. That rain sure looks heavy.
    Most of my riding this past week has been in the torrential wet stuff...!

  2. SO great finally meeting you, and of course the bike that does some serious getting around.

    On my way home from SOMArts it started raining so I thought that might be kind of brutal if you were on the bike, but I see you managed. What spunk...

  3. Like that first photo. Looks like the city got the floor polisher out and re-did the streets. Clean and slick looking.

  4. Jeje lo pasásteis bien.Gracias por comentar en Joshylola, mi ciudad Santander en el norte de España es un poco parecida a San Francisco (aunque más pequeña, menos bonita y sin vuestro puente rojo of course) ;P

  5. oh man, you and wardell look good together with all that color and style. and them are some fine machines y'all rides.

  6. Dry is definitely NOT happening up here in Humboldt! Huge storm in Arcata, tons of snow in all the surrounding hills.


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