Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feliz happy Thanksgiving!

happy thxgivin!
From the archives - drawing in my 2005 calendar.
Día de gracias
Día de gracias. Frenchie 2010

Now, a few days off with the Mamigrosa. We'll be roaming around the City, going on walks and drinking lots of coffee.
Will be eating lots on Thursday and chilling.
I am thankful for everything and everyone around me, especially mi madre.

Proud mamigrosa bien happy with the 2 catrinas en el BART station
Proud mamigrosa bien happy with the 2 catrinas en el 16th BART station
Mobile photo of my mom at the Honoring Revolution's installation.

I'll be back to the blogesphere next week.
Happy thanksgiving everyone!!
Besos, bisous +kisses  ♥xxo.meli


  1. Wow, you're on movie poster size ads in the city. How cool is that? Have a nice Thanksgiving. Save the turkeys!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mom!

    - Mr.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you :) have loads of fun with your mum!! xoxo

  4. Good morning, folks!

    Things I’m thankful for:

    - The health and welfare of my family
    - A wonderful community to live in
    - Employment, no matter how humble
    - A community of blogs that I can learn from
    - The commentators who are knowledgeable and not afraid to challenge
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. I'm thankful for my beautiful cat who brings me great joy every day, unlike most of the humans I know. Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for this nice blog about bikes in San Francisco and a the cool/cute girl who writes it :~)

  6. your mama looks so proud! how cool

    happy thanksgiving!!

  7. so sweet + your mom is adorable! happy thanksgiving!!

  8. Anda ya es vuestro Día de Acción de Gracias, felicidades.Me han encantado los dibujos

  9. Feliz dia de acción de gracias que te la pases bien con tu mamita!

  10. Meli,
    Happy thanks to you and yours,
    Jon C

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Meli!

    Peace :)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday with your mother :)

  13. Hey Meli! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. An Happy Snapz on the streets!

  14. Hello.. Happy thanks giving too.. :-)

  15. Oh, how sweet! Have fun with your mom. :)


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