Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 2010 SF Bike Expo roundup

Cow Palace -- Saturday, November 6th
The SF bike expo was a long but super fun day of everything bikeuniverse.
We had a break between the fashion shows at around 1PM and later that afternoon, so we got to wander around and enjoy some bike action. Was nice check out the booths, meet up with my peeps, super fun to see the cyclocross races and the butt-kicking women, and the awesome BMX/dirt jumping events. SO RAD.

And so it goes, the day began like this:
KT, Kevin and I in the morning. We met for coffee but I don't think I was fully conscious yet - I certainly needed lots of my beloved caffeine that morning.
KT joy sunrise
dave +his crew
Dave, Ed and their schwinn crew. These peeps of ours are always such early birds, love it!!

The scraper bikes from Oakland, were in the house. The always bring a freshly made soundtrack/CD and sell it for about 5$-10$. Sweet!
flat top extraordinaire
scraper circles
Scraper circles
i got 5 on it
I got 5 on it.

Lots of people were outside checkin out the events, races and Etc. 
A stylin' lady stikes a pose with her classy blue bike
pretty lady

And then, a tremendous hour of pure awesomeness:
my favorite!!
up there
mega wheeeeeeeee
soooo awesome
- - - -
sara murdaaaaaaaah
meanwhile back inside, miz Sara Murder and team at the Pushbike booth
pushbike to go
Pushbike to go, that bright pink Bullitt rocks!!
eva lu
I got to hang out for a bit with cutie patootie Eva-Lu from the other sunny side of our Golden state. watsuppppp!
nan at the b.spoke tailor
Nan and friends at the b.spoke tailor booth.
Mia in the house
Momentum magazine's Mia all the way from Canada!
dan + public gals
Dan and the Public crew
The pretty Christine and company at the Rickshaw bagworks booth.
- - -
Riding back
And then, after a long day of bikes and fun, we were ready for some food and then, more party!! A few of us from the fashion show, Dan from Monkey Electric, Mia and many other of our peeps, oined the Bike Savvy pedal ride back into the city. Good times!
I'd say we bike about 8-10 miles on the way back (Geneva> Alemany> San José> Valencia --- Etc.)
evening savvy ride
Evening savvy ride crew
Monkeylectrique of
fixing to fix
A mid-size ride is not complete without a flat. This is in the Excelsior, on Geneva and Mission
san josé in its entirety
We. Are. Traffic.
Riding on San José in its entirety.
oh hai
oh hai.
dinner for 16. at los jarritos
lucky charms
Lucky charms

Sad face our new fixie friends didn't get into the after party, which was 21+.
They had the coolest bikes. KLaw got to ride the one without brakes. Insane -- Maybe next year!!
how the hell do I brake?!
"how the hell do I brake?!"
parking our bikes at the afterparty
parking our bikes at the afterparty
The afterparty was fun, but all good things come to an end. And this concludes the blog post for this year's SF Bike Expo 2010.
'Til next time!!

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  1. Oh hey! It's me!

    Nice behind the scene pics Meli! Sooooo nice to see you and the SF crew. Let me know if you want one of those coffee cup holders! xoooxxxooo lu!


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