Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Behind the scenes: the SF bike expo 2010!

catwalk list
Bike catwalk list
It is finally here! Another MEGA fun behind-the-scenes post, for the day we were all fashion bicycle models for Pedal Savvy at the SF Bike Expo in the Cow Palace, November 6th.
This was fun, we modeled, got tons of hairspray and fancy stuff on our hair, got our make-up done and off we went.
getting lots of hair spraysssssstsssssss
here I am!!
all smiles
I love this photo of KT, while she wasn't looking =)
make-up session. and I was ready for mi second dose of coffee!
Listen up everybodyyyyy
"...Shall we read the following chapter..."
Gwen's mom
the show isn't complete without Gwen's mom around =) We love her!!
Katieeee <333
Katie super star doing some finishing touches on the bicycles.
The bikes included brands like Felt (mine came with a coffee cup apropos) Public, Electra, dutch bicycle, Globe, Dahon, and even a bamboo bike!!
bisous for everybody
Gwen at work
Gwen and us --- HAAAAAAAY

There was some review around the interwebs, blabbing upon how this stuff was so hip, unnatainable and how much it didn't represent the bicycle community across the states. You know what ---- this is San Francisco and it is a world-class city with all its flaws, beauties and struggles. We were all there because we opted to do so, opted to support our friend Gwen and the SF Bike Expo team and we are ALL riders between the ages of 18 to 40+, and although we don't represent everybody, we do our best to do so, work our ass off either in school or jobs, and bike every day. We also had two young children to model for the evening show with their dad, so cute!
Know that the companies and tailors, many of them locally-based, that provided their goods to be shown off, were more than proud to do so. We all don't buy an entire outfit, nor buy the latest and greatest to ride -- we are here because is fun, we are city people and if you don't like to see us having fun and enjoying our day off by being here all day in this fabulous bike fashion show, then don't get caught up judging against it. I'm also not about to promote the mentioned site link, which is in no big city, but somewhere in the east coast and probably snowed in. So that's that and that said..

Let your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey. 
Come on, vogue.

We had our favorite paparazzi and friends in the house!
we all love Richard
dusty is hereeee!
and then, the camera loves you
…and then, the camera loves you
JD scored some rims
brush up session
the we had a brush-up session
we are readyyyyyy to go!
adm love!!
Robin's finishing touches
Dad and kids
triple troubles!! =))))
with Joe
Matching reds - I hearts Joe!!
amour de ma sunglasses
amour de ma sunglasses -- mi amiga KT of VĂ©loVogue   
last pose
KT et moi had way too much fun back there!
frenchie et freinds
We had a huge bike pile going on, so here are most of our bikes. It does a body good.
And what is a bloggera to do, asides drinking coffee and taking photos....
Richard caught me right-handed doing both, here is me and below the shot I took from the stage:
Meli and a camera
and here is, once again a shot from the bikecatwalk shot from the stage! =)))
the crowd!!
the crowd!!!
+++can't get enough?! Here are more goodies
Photographers were Dusty (set not up yet) and 
Richard (with assistant Ivy and friend!) of cyclelicious whose set can be viewed here: link
Adrienne recently posted a cute SF Bike Expo "tribes unite" post at CYLRAB here: link

Just this week, the video sprung out from the blogesphere, was so happy to see the clip, which quite sums it up. +Eeek and whose legs are those sans tights?!? The videos sum up so much fun!!

Gracias y thank you to everyone that dropped by +enjoyed the show!!feed the models. and bring all the coffee to me!!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post Meli! Your words are super right on and assuring. I have learned along this crazy journey that no matter what you do someone will have a negative opinion. Too sporty, too hipster(my personal favorite), too blah blah.... I learned after Interbike not to take it personal- hey at least people are talking! We know the truth and where our hearts are and really that's all that matters so let them be negatrons!

  2. gracias Gwen
    From seeing your work and efforts from the beginning, and all the people around our local bike community +companies, it is truly admirable. I also respect and am pretty proud of the variety and array of backgrounds that are pulled together for this, as a great example is Phil and his tremendous agenda of familia organizing this. wooot!!
    hearts +besos +FASHION BABYYYY <3

  3. Looking at the photos and video (which was really good by the way) it was obvious that you guy's had a great time, who care what anybody else thinks. Congratulations on a successful show Gwen.

    This probably sounds strange coming from a guy, but that's a cool bag that your wearing with the gray jacket. I've seen it on the House Industries site. They sell some great stuff.


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