Monday, December 13, 2010

Blocked bike lane - photo gallery

We all run into these scenarios as such on a dialy basis, some parked cars, and in some instances some driving on the bike lanes. I don't see cars parking on the sidewalk because they are just 'running into the store or wherever, for a quick second" this leaves riders to make a decision between moving vehicles, fellow cyclist and more than likely an unpleasant and a possible dangerous experience.

In October, Calitexican wrote a great post on Market street bike lanes, which includes her observations on her experience riding every day to work [link]. Here she is a few days after the post, we were riding on Valencia street, another heavily bike-lane used street which the bike lane is also often blocked by constant double-parked cars and delivery trucks.
I parked in the bike lane, and they didnt like it
One of my guy friends had a daily encounter with the valet parking on that one restaurant, near the cupid span on Embarcadero. I don't think he rides that route to wrk anymore, but I believe that is an ongoing bike lane obstruction issue.
Here is another known clusterfc*k we all encounter, the curse of Fell and Divis. Photo by Ramona
P1070520 by ramona wheelright

See the site+gallery here:
What are your constant views and the spots of hall of shame you come across more often? Do tell

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This website/link was sent from blog reader Erica aka "slaysweeet", currently living in Brasil, thanks!


  1. Townsend just west of 4th street near Caltrain. On the east-bound side of the street in the mornings, the taxi cabs all line up in the bike lane, as well as other cars dropping people off at the train. On the west-bound side of the street in the evenings, many people double-park here to wait for people coming home on the trains. S-U-C-K-S.

  2. flick magnets FTW! anyone interested in kicking in for another run of magnets?
    "i park in bike lane"
    "yellow card" a polite notice to bad drivers and how to improve...


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