Saturday, January 8, 2011

Events+moments del 2010: December craft fairs - Bizarre bazaar

There are some photos and events I didn't get to publish last year, I will post them in the first couple of weeks of the new year so in chronological rewind. Some type of quasi-review of 2010.
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nov 12 craft event
The Bazaar Bizarre was held in Ft. Mason, in the "grueling far and hilly" and burritoless north side of town, which also happens to have amazing Golden Gate, Marin and many views of the beautiful Bay. While riding to the event in the super crowded parking, I ran into Dave and his Schwinn krate-mayhem crew.
ran into dave + his crew
Dave is one of the nicest guys you'll find biking around the city :)
Later I found a photo Dave had also snapped of me. Him and his friend Ed were on their way back to the ballpark, they looked prepared. 
Love running into bikey peeps riding all over the city!
Meli on the move
Meli on the move by krate-mayhem

There were a number of interesting things and vendors that had grat stuff, but I only made it for about 10 minutes. Ran into a couple of friends, bough a one-sie(is that what they are called?) for my buddy's new baby boy and left. When I can't chat to the vendor on voice level, or hear my thoughts while getting smacked by antsy elbows, messenger bags and purses that can't seem to be able to get through, it is time to leave.
So ditched it all and I went riding. 
I deviated towards the Crissy field area to follow the sunset and some quiet time.
Riding instead of crowded crowds, anytime.
nov 12 bizarre bazar craft event
Bazaar bizarre is too crowded for me.
sunset seeker
Sunset seeker
qué beautiful skies
Qué beautiful skies. Wicked.
---'Til next time Bizarros


  1. I love the photo of your bike with the bridge in the background and the one showing the bells close up, and bridge in background.

  2. thanks paddy anne. it was such a fun solo quiet little sunset ride <333


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