Saturday, January 8, 2011

Events+moments del 2010: December craft fairs - Indiemart NightLife at the Academy of sciences

Here are 2 more rare-weekend posts for a little Saturday reading treat for the cozy couch potatoes =)
There are some photos and events I didn't get to publish last year, I will post them in the first couple of weeks of the new year so, some kind of quasi-review of 2010.
+ + + + +

Academy of Sciences NightLife in December 9th.
craft night at the academy
Craft night at the Academy
--claude!! <3
Claude!! I love the albino half-blind alligator.
koo kooo ko
More albino animals. koo kooo ko
the academy at night
best outfit
Her red dress has KITTEHS all over. Love her outfit, she is so cute!
sock monsters
The sock monsters guy. He said this one monster looked like me. ja jaaa.
 craft night at the academy of sciences is 
The part of restored side of the original Academy building was buzzing with vendors and shoppers.
oh hai
oh hai.  Thought the junction of views here was quite interesting.
- - -
Parking. The Academy of scions has plenty of bikes, though it gets pretty crowded at times.
Someone has previously commented on the limited use of bike parking for staff.
Does anyone have any updates or information upon that?

And here is what I wore for the evening. Due to nasty allergies, I was a tad high on very rare Sudafed dose. Yuuuuuuck...
and off we go
and off we go
Evening ride
Evening ride
'til next time NightLife at the Academy + indie mart.
This concludes the 3 Holiday artsy craft events. Cute stuff, lots to see, large little fan of the DIY indie crowds.
// xxo♥m


  1. Kick the allergens' butt! Wish you a speedy recovery!!
    Peace :)

  2. thanks Vero! =)

    chandra/ thx chandra. back in dec. i had to go to a clinic :/
    *much* better now!!

  3. i've biked inside there when it was closed, looped claude!! =D


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