Monday, January 10, 2011

Events+moments del 2010: November Fall patterns, cycling shoes and safety thoughts.

There are some photos and events I didn't get to publish last year, I will post them in the first couple of weeks of the new year so, some kind of my quasi-review of 2010.
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These photos from exactly two months ago. November was a flirt of a month, it was here and when I was just when I began to like it, it wass gone.
I have enjoyed all the boot riders around town, specially cowboy style. We don't really get the extreme winter snow blizzards here in the Bay Area, so a change of pace such as snow clothing is not really so necessary, I wear most of my clothes year-round (our summer would be September) and for the winter season, adding a few layers often time a heavier coat and some gloves for when it gets to the 30°s. In my case, I'm a huge fan of merino wool for not-so-cold days and chilly nights. Here I am riding with one of my favorite cowboy-style boots, the best for walking long distances and riding all over these hills. I am also a huge fan of wool socks.

sunset falls
getting as much use of my old little bag before it started the few days of pouring rain
hair y stuff
hair y stuff, post-cycling looks ;D

The evenings are getting darker, people are layer masters and the evenings are getting crisp, though fairly nice, the Bay Area remains at a pleaseant weather.
I find the period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, one a little hard to deal with. While riding so often on the streets and around multiple districts in the city, you can certainly sense people are very distracted, stressed, in a rush, and often just super drunk.
The city during the Holidays can be super fun, but it never goes out fashion to stay safe. Make sure those bike lights are at max, be aware of your surroundings and all those basic safety measurements.

I feel relatively safe as a woman riding alone at night. Someone recently asked if I was scared of the city at night. I see women riding late as night as well. A few riders here and there. Sometimes I am riding alone for many miles before I get home and that is OK.

A bad situation could present itself anywhere, in any big city. 
To be safe is to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
OK, that is all for now. Have fun +Ride on!

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(From November 10, 2010)


  1. Well said, Mel. I feel the same way here in Sacramento. And I tend to err on the safe side by being a bit reclusive during the holiday.

    I must add, you look stunning in these pics!

  2. Mostly people are scared for crazy taxi drivers running me over. And sometimes riding along the river at night in case crack-heads want to nab me.

    Otherwise, I feel like I'm never alone. There are always people around. And I feel like the fact that I'm on wheels makes me more elusive. Bad guys can't catch me!

  3. Love that outfit Meli!! I have to admit that even though I'm in the South, our weather is cold enough that I don't enjoy riding in the winter as much. And the drivers seem even more careless and in a rush when it's cold and dark (as if they aren't inside a warm vehicle!), so I'm more wary in the winter as well. Right now we're covered in 4-5 inches of snow and ice, which means everything is shut down and I'm not getting around on any form of transportation :) Just going to stay inside and wait it out!


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