Friday, June 15, 2012

Azealia Banks, the Sartorialist y BMX in Tokio

the 212
While reading some Madrid music news, I came across the 21yr. old Harlem rapper Azealia Banks.
Her new album 1991 dropped 2 weeks ago.
The photoshoot video is below with one of the songs in 1991.
*Audio(song) heads up - explicit 

And below Liquorice, the first video for her new album 1991, styled by the Mugler/ladygaga/panda fashion panda master mind Nicola Formichetti.
**Also explicit version.

the sartorialist
Also taking place in Madrid, Scott Schuman aka the sartorialist has an exhibit at Loewe June 14 to August 5th in case you happen to be in Spain.
image captures from the video below
Bicycles are constantly featured in his photographs. Him and Garance often mention bicycles as their main way to get around.
I admire people that can ride around with white shoes looking that spotless. Mine would have mad coffee stains before even putting them on.

Ride Tough You Little Boys
Found this cool Stussy+BMX video via vimeo. 
For Summer 2011, Stussy and W-Base from Shibuya, Tokyo have joined forces on the "How I Roll" 26 inch old school BMX original model bike. This cruiser type style is built after the late 1970's/early 1980's flavor dirt bike and is packed with details. The frame is made from 4130CR-MO, metallic blue alumite hubs, rims, break covers and neck with the classic "Ride Tough You Little Boys" Stussy phrase.

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  1. I think having Scott Schuman as a bicyclist is about as good an ambassador as any industry can ask for.


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