Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miércoles de mariachi.

Mariachi Wednesday.

Sunday, June 10th. La taquería on Mission street.
Captured this all-women quartet taking a burrito break at La Taquería on Mission street.
Just a few minutes before, they had sang La Negra Tomasa. I've heard this song a billion and a half times, and it sounds quite different with a violin emphasis, a sassy dose of feminine voices y make-up. Eso.

No video of course, I was busy stuffing my face.
There are many versions of the song, but below is one of the most popular ones by Caifanes. 1995 Unplugged, my BFF and I ditched school to watch this cable MTV latino special.

Caifanes has reunited after an almost 20yr-long rockstar fight and as of last year, currently touring all over the USofA +Mexico.
They recently played at the Fox theater in Oakland. The more I go to this venue, the more BEAUTIFUL it becomes. I felt like a teenager again. My knee reminded me otherwise.

Caifanes is a Mexican rock legacy and are known for their powerful lyrics and their timeless message in each one of them.
The song La negra tomasa may not be a fan's favorite as it is a cumbia song overly played out, so I've included a different one below. Here are a few words from it.
Si tu te vas, a donde voy. No me obedecen mis pies.
Ya que te escondas todo el día, yo se bien que estás dormida. Con los recuerdos de otra vida.
If you go, where do I go. My feet don't obey me.
And after you hide all day, I know you are sleeping. With memories from another life.
Caifanes will be playing in Tijuana, Mexico on June 16th.
The Toreo de Tijuana is gone as of 2007 so let's hope that this time the concert doesn't get cancelled, like it did in 1995.
But from what I've seen, promises to be a phenomenal 3hr+ concert.

Un animal, xxo♥meligrosa

1992 Estás dormida


  1. maravilloso. aguanta rodilla, aguanta! aún hay muchos bailes venideros.

  2. vienen a tijuana? ni enterada... como los jaguares vienen cada año o dos, ya ni me fijo, je je je. me imagino ya la sensación de sentirte de nuevo adolecente, me encanta que la música y algunos espacios hacen eso. justo hoy me tocó ir a entregar algo a la prepa lázarto cárdenas, aquí en tij, y recordé mis días ahí.
    hablando de recordar, recuerdo el toreo y sus últimos días claramente, justo me acababa de mudar a la casa en la que vivo hoy, a un par de cuadras del toreo.

    1. oo que suave. si qe mala onda lo del toreo. y la 8.
      la lazaro, no me toco ser jaguar, pero casi todos mis compas si. de hecho hace poco recordabamos el 1er evento del binacional de basqet en el auditorio :)

      me senti un poco oldies al explicarle a mis sobrinos (que estan en la secu) que significa 'en el blvd ala altura del calete'.
      tambien se me olvida que los patines ya no estan ahi, sino cerca de los alamos...
      me gusta esa area, para la proxima definitivamnte nos toca una visita al das cortez o un cachito de pizza enel tonys.
      saludos vane xxom

  3. Then you were over here during Art Murmur as well. All downtown Oakland was _packed_ that night. Thanks for gracing the sunny side of the Bay with your presence once in a while. :) Bike on.

    1. hi david, Yes!!
      I was wondering what that was, I had forgotten to look it up. Packed is right :)) the sidewalks were BUMPING! do you go to these often? was such a good vibe. I lived within a few blocks from there between 03-04 and very glad to see these good changes and spark in local business there.
      thx as always xxom

    2. No voy a menudo. I'm mostly commuting through them :) and passing through to see who I know. It's become very popular, though - a chaos swirl of food, art, music and vendors every first Friday, mostly on the Telegraph strip. And, yes, lots of nightlife in general there, now. ¡Venga! - dj


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