Monday, June 11, 2012

mucha música monday

via comisario pantera

Texan psychedelic rock and shoe gazing beats soundblock me from the pop world, but occasionally the happy shiny people with their catchy bubble gum melodies leak in.
Included some borderlands beats to balance it out.

Here is some material from Tijuana › to the DF › to the UK.
Some new, some not. Thought I'd share to start the week off.
Got any recent discoveries or rolas (songs) to share? Do tell.

1. No me digas más /Comisario Pantera (+its record image above)
No me digas más is a fun cheery rock pop melody.
Reminds me of teenage make-out sessions with a millkshake after-taste and an early curfew.
This chilango quartet seems to like including bikes in their graphics.

(above: old flyer from their site)

2. Tenía tanto que darte /Nena Daconte
I had not heard of this Spanish duo until a couple of years ago. Bubble gummish pop, this video reminded me of how much I loved rollerskating.

3. The bike song /Mark Ronson
The producer behind Amy's Back to Black album +brother to Sam(DJ) +Charlotte(clothing) Ronson, presents a silly fun story within the video. Also reminds me I should have british ex-boyfriend at some point in my life.

4. Mi bici /Parchís
¡Vamos todos! These kids doing bike donuts are making me super dizzy.
I still want those rad rides though.

5. Nine million bicycles /Katie Melua
Exactly the way I feel when I lay my back on a skateboard and you know, roam the world.

6. Tour de France /Kraftwerk 
Always proud of the 80's. If it wasn't for these guys who released this track around then, I could've always sang a Gillette-commercial I'm your venus whenever I saw Tour de France. Those roadies sure like shaving.

7. Brown bike /Nortec
Last but always number juan, is this fusionesque video from my favorite contemporary vatos.
Catchy punch line. Juan (accordion hotness) +the androgynous look ala La Roux, are the delicioso cherry on top.

Books, babes y border beats. A trifecta I was born with.


  1. Oh my gosh that was so much fun ~ thank you! That TDF video is perfection of the day and the Mark Ronson video made me laugh out loud, it's the video of my Summer. Awesomeness.

    1. you are very welcome sig <3 sometimes a good laugh is just what we need, right ;)

  2. loved the tour de kraftwerk and nortec. <3 Thx Meli!

    1. glad you enjoyed them nio, thx as always for droppin by


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