Wednesday, August 1, 2012

back to earth

A few days ago, local film maker El Zumpango sent an update on his second video of the series he has crafted. Glad to see these series have started to circulate+make the blog rounds. They feature good spots around the bay (previous video was the Oakland/East Bay rolling hills), good people on bikes and an overall positive soft tone within.
S24O from Fremont, CA to Samuel P. Taylor state park.
Turn the volume up. Way up.
Music: Drone by ELLUL
Directed, Shot & Edited by Jesus Beltran

Back to Earth from El Zumpango on Vimeo.

/See the first +previously posted video of the series here: Morning Escape posted July 3rd


  1. Eeeeeeeeek this has made me very excited for my holiday. We're hoping to ride up to SP Taylor park when we visit.

    And always good to see how much fun riding through puddles is. Thanks for sharing the vid x

    1. oh you are very welcome.
      SPT? that would be so awesome, Marin is just gorgeous. my friend (aka the calitexican) has biked+stayed there a few times now, would be a great person to get tips from, if she hasnt already blogged up a strom about it ;)
      great to hear from you as always georgie xxo

  2. Thanks for posting the video.
    Fun to watch and think, 'I've ridden there!'
    So I'm sitting here in my Silicon Valley cubicle and, hearing something, I turn to look. It's coming from my wheel...
    The 'Love your Bike' and '1st Bike Party' cards are telling me something...
    What is it?.....
    'Ask her to make one for 'Twins to Twin Peaks'!
    Just passing that on. :)
    A favorite memory from the 'Black and White' ride.
    As I was riding to the start, I passed a guy playing a piano bike on the streetcorner so I decided to loop back and eat dinner there. It was fun because, as I sat enjoying the music, dozens of other cyclists were heading to SFBP. One cyclist stopped at the red light had a bunch of cards from prior SFBP rides in their spokes so I reached into my pannier and was able to hand them one for B&W just as the light changed and they pedalled on.

    1. isn't the north of the city just the most magical welcome by the greenery of nature :)
      thx for your kind words, associating back to bike party is something i have not come around to, and not sure if i will.
      but know that your words and your support mean so much
      and that is a wonderful music/bike story. the city has its unique charm like that <3
      sincerely xxom

  3. Really beautiful video. Makes me glad for every minute I spend on my bike.


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