Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sept. 14-16: GET A CAT OR A DOG, AND A DRINK -- Adoption fees will be waived all weekend.
"The San Francisco SPCA will be hosting the Homecoming 2012 Adoptathon, September 14th - 16th. Adoption fees will be waived all weekend, for all animals. Planned activities include a cocktail party, food truck, an animal behavior workshop, bake sale, and much more. is donating 100% of its advertising space in the SF Bay Area for the full week leading up to the event." 
Read more info+details here: The SF SPCA's Homecoming Adoptathon weekend includes free food, free drinks, and free adoptions! 
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My BEAUTIFUL black cat Velcro is a big part of my life.
I adopted her almost 4 years ago from the SF SPCA, which brings a smile to my face anytime I hear they are organising or hosting an event. I hope the upcoming adopt-athon this weekend goes great.

Here is their latest video. Bonus kitteh points if you know where the video was shot.

If you did watch the complete video above, the Portlandia-spoof features the gorgeous Cammy. She is a hamm:
The good things in life
Since Cammy is not shy at all, my friend Richie also snapped while we were on the back of the truck drinking coffee (not sure the truck is still there) but this kitteh is an absolute rockstar, roaming the greatest garden in the city:
/foto by Richie

The location where the video was shot is Flora Grubb Gardens, located in the Hunter's Point/Bay View district here in San Francisco.
Coffee and plants, great place to spend time with friends or alone.
I love this spot, and have gone there many times throughout the years with family and many of my good friends, highly recommend it if you have not yet been. There are many previous posts here.
Ample vehicle+bicycle parking as well as the t-line about a block away (3rd street).

Also thought I'd shared this video, so cute. Gets me every time.

How a quick simple 10-second radio announcement inspired this post, is a rather linear sentiment on how making a decision to adopt a pet changes your life. Animals are keen to know when you are feeling like shit or in pain asides many positive perspectives added to one's daily routine.

Loyal loving companions.
Having Velcro around has been a very loving experience, I am very happy I decided to adopt her.
I am an even bigger animal lover than I could ever imagine.
/Velcro. 1st one taken with phone, last 2 with the LX5.

Do you have pets? Have you been to your local shelter lately?
I love my cat. I'm sure she loves me too.


  1. I adopted a cat last November that had been abandoned by her previous owners. She was taken in by a family, but didn't get along with the other cats.

    For a few months it was really rough going, so rough that I considered surrendering her to a cat rescue organization. I'm glad I stuck it out. Even though she's a pain in the tuchis sometimes (my nickname for her is Bitchy Girlfriend), she has made my life so much better, so much richer. She even helped pull me out of one of the worst depressive episodes I've ever experienced.

    My bikes and my cat are the great passions of my life.

    1. aw bitchy GF! watta diva cat name, i luv it<3 that is great to hear, glad she was able to be there for you
      thx for sharing cecily

  2. Your Velcro looks so much like my Mia! She was a shelter cat as well, from the Peninsula Humane Society. She's had some significant health problems, but it's been worth it. Nothing quite as good as being greeted at the front door every day.

    And the Mutts / Shelter Project commercials make me cry every. single. time.

    1. mia is beautiful! aw yes that is the best feeling the daily greetings. love your beekeeper adventures, thx for stopping by

  3. Velcro tan bella!
    Espero que muchos animalitos encuentren casa el fin de semana.
    Nosotros adoptamos una perrita, también fue rescate de la calle, y en un par de meses cumple un año con nosotros. Increible lo que significan ellos para nosotros y vice versa.

    1. que hermosura, es lo mas bonito cuando son tratados totalmente como se merecen y se convierten en familia. que linda, espero este con uds. muchos años mas :))

  4. We have this (n+1)/2 thing going on in my house--for every two bicycles I buy, we get another cat from the shelter. Currently stands at 6 and 3. Time for two more bikes perhaps? Win win!

    1. oh what a great bike:cat ratio, they are both loving additions to a household!

  5. Ha, I watched the entire Catlandia video. :)

    I have three cats - two adopted from shelters and one found sick and hungry outside. Now they are all so pampered, it's ridiculous.

    Velcro is a beauty!

    1. thank you! i hope to one day have 3 cats yours are so cute too. entirely happy with one for now, yes velcro is my world.

  6. • Wait, are they making fun of my Used Tube Collective? I'm saving the rainforests, and that's good for cats! #Catlandia

  7. For some people it's birds, but for me you have to put a cat on it! Lovely pics!


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