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Time for another dose of cyberchisme, your fave bloggie gossip.

Where does your (vehicle) rack come from?
Adventure Journal has a recent post about Thule, based out of Seymour, Connecticut. Check it out here: Thule Racks

Bike theft prevention
Bike-theft guru Jenny Oh's post is a must read: Bike Theft Prevention: What Can We Really Do?
Also she had shared this video, got the bike back while seeing this guy riding it:
A cyclist’s dream fulfilled: taking back his stolen bike
And a case o irresponsible teenagers behind the wheel: Milkshake attack on Orange County bicyclist caught on video -"This is not a joke, it's pretty serious." 

Eagle racks: "Carry big and bulky stuff on your bike."
Glen from Redwood City (26mi. south of San Francisco) has shared his invention info.
"This idea came from my high-school daughter, who noted how uncomfortable it is to ride a bike with a heavy backpack. We've invented not just a backpack carrier, but a rack system for your bike, like they have for cars"

the busiest line in the city: 38Geary
I believe I had read somewhere that the 38 Geary is the busiest public transportation bus line in the States, can't seem to find that source however.
The 38 is ALWAYS packed, no matter what time of day.
A rare empty scene to see it almost completely empty on this video the Muni Diaries recently shared. Here is the video:

What it’s like when somebody sexually assaults you on the bus
Read on via missionmission

VeloVogue visits Toronto
And meets SF's longtime bloggie friend Xander :)
And since KT knows how to share the eye candy. Check it out here: KT's Hot Dudes in Toronto
/image via KT's Flickr

SF goes Dutch
Marc [] gets to meet the SF ladies IRL. So rad.
Calitexican shares: CYLRAB meets Amsterdamize. KT's post: Hello Women of America!
Marc tweets a ton +shares tall SF people sightings here

San Frooklyn
I heard someone rode the San Frooklyn bridge and ended up in the Lower Haight ;)
Had to share this NY event, the graphic is coast-to-coast cute.
"Three top web-based literary publications (and Tumblr super-users) invite you meet your internet friends in person for chatting, drinking, and dancing to kick off the most bookish week in Brooklyn. Music from DJs Abby Klein and Doc Delay and drink specials enhance the East Coast vs. West Coast faceoff — and everybody wins!Monday 9/17 at 7pm, Public Assembly, 70 N 6th Street, Brooklyn NY. See you there!"More: via BookNews
DVF: Science fiction exists -- Fashion Week from the future with Google glasses
This video includes narration by Dian Von Frusteberg, she is one of my favorite women in business and how she simply envision women surrounded by powerful words. Have fun. Be yourself. Be beautiful.
As women and as humans, it is often easy to be wrapped up in the fast pace of life, and forget to do that. Here is the video, which has made the web-rounds, if you haven't seen it by now:

Speaking of technology, JKL shows it is all in your head

and on similiar tech chisme, Woz (the other Steve founding-father of APPL) does not agree with the Samsung lawsuit 

Interbike: Sept. 19 - Sept 21 in Las Vegas
Who is going? 
/foto from interbike

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