Monday, April 29, 2013

mucha música Monday: on the radio

One of the things I often, if not daily, is “I heard it on the radio.” 
Even if I can only catch it for a few minutes, I try to listen to the radio everyday.
I like finding out events, some news, music +unexpected interviews. It keeps things interesting, fresh +a bit random.
Some of my local fave stations/shows I try to listen as often as I can:
KPFA 94.9 “Rock en Rebelión” Sundays
KPFA 94.9 “La Onda Bajita” Fridays
KPOO 89.5 out of the Western Addition
KNBR for some sports updates (I was an avid Barbieri follower at some point)
KALX 90.7 CAL I do forget about it, but I used to religiously when I worked in Berkeley a few years ago.

KCBS 740AM newsnewsnews
Others possible by the internet with listen-now links:
KEXP in Seattle: their Sonarchy show available as podcast is my favorite
KCRW Santa Monica/Los Angeles in particular Raúl Campos
89.3 The Current in Minnesotta via their youtube channel.
Anyways, that's my curiosity path to continue to explore, divert +listen to some different happenings through a not so old +I sure hope never-to-be obsolete form of communication, the radio. I do miss KUSF, however. Anyone else was also a big fan of DJ Schmeejay in the mornings?
OK -- onto la música:

Peace: Ocean's Eye & Follow Baby
First time listening to these British young band on KCRW a few weeks ago. Like them so far. Their album dropped over a month ago “In Love”. Clever junction of band name +album title, right.

I was catching up with some of the Sonarchy archives from KEXP, when I heard a set by Brainfruit. You could even read a book if you needed this as copmany background noise. I enjoyed the 1hr set, though here is a shorter one I found through their bandcamp site:

JD McPherson: Dimes for Nickels
Here is cool live performance recently shared by @DirtyCyclist of KEXP in Austin for SXSW, broadcasting from the Mellow Johnny's bike shop:
thanks for sharing!

Phantogram: Don't Move
I fell in love with When I'm Small in 2011. That black hair, black tank +all that um bouncing, as well as his beard. Ohmy. They have that pretty modern-ear candy sound +layered live, I must say I'm a fan.
[file under] → M E S M E R I Z I N G  M O N D A Y…

What's your favorite radio station? Do you have any radio rituals?
Hope you enjoyed this radio segment as much as I putting it together.


  1. Love, love radio going way back. Mostly on the weekends now. KPFA Saturdays and Sunday afternoon and KALW Saturday night.

    Grew up with WXPN and WRTI in Philly. Got me hooked on radio.

    Related: Rock and Roll by the Velvet Underground:

    "Then one fine mornin' she puts on a New York station
    You know, she don't believe what she heard at all
    She started shakin' to that fine fine music
    You know her life was saved by rock 'n' roll"


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