Monday, September 9, 2013

mucha música Monday: septiembre

Well we are now in September. 2013 you are a strange one, feel like I'm just starting to know you and you will be gone shortly.
Here are the latest news, shows I've attended and recent musical finds I thought I'd share with you.

Café Tacuba. Got to see them for the billionth time. Third time w/la Calitexican in the Bay Area.
m.  a.  g.  i.  c.  a.  l.
Their shows are jumping. Non-stop jumping.
But for a change here is their vocal twist. Meme. Everything he sings, he does it with his beating, dripping hot heart on his sleeve. Hot damn.
ALERTA: Bikes, cross-gender roles, makeouts y a very sexy voice:

And Japan, jumping non-stop:

And the timeless 90s unplugged, pure goodness:

Oh Pilar. We love you so much. Asides bikes +the internets, I think it was the same 2006 or 07(?) show la Calitexican and I were both at, without knowing each other (yet!) at the Great American with Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto opening para ti
→AND→ she recently replied to one of my tweets… IMELTED-IMELTEDDD♥ESCÁNDALO!

She has new material out: The story behind "Huaso de Los Angelitos" music video+song:

Also, not sure if ever showed this video when the Los Abandoned were still together. Super cute is an understatement.
ALERTA: bicis, nite rides, lights y hearts. ♥AY!

A new 4song EP is out this month, hadn't seen the video until this past week. Remind me of Enigma a bit. Here is their latest:

Good song to wrap up and listen to during the homestrech of the workday, me thinks:

They have an upcoming show in Mexico City this week. rad!

ALERTA: One of my favorite bands.
I've also seen them numerous times in the last few years throughout the state. Last sold-out concert this past May in San Francisco was at the local & legendary quasi-ripoff-off-super-pricey-livenation-ticket-purchase but-we-do-it-anyways aka → The Fillmore.

Thankfully for Woody getting tix way ahead, I got to buy a ticket from him(!) A new bond was found w/MK of our mutual love for the band and a fellow other Angels fans, though I lost them once inside. However I very much enjoyed the full view from the way-back with one of my fave Texans, Big Papi. You don't mess with Big Papi. He is the best.
The latest Black Angels concert was SUPERB, as is my crush on vocalist Alex Maas… ♥besobeso!!
This new EP “Live in San Francisco” is 3-track available to share/download.
So awesome:

 (via the BayBridged)

- - -
OK, that is all for now y thanks for reading.
Have a rock-star week,


  1. Like the Filmore commentary. Nice place despite. Will get a listen to all these when not at work.


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