Thursday, September 19, 2013

PDX | no.3

PDX | no.3
Asides my good college friend getting married in Portland this past month, one of the highlights was to finally meet IRL mi longggtime cyberamigo Dave y his wife Patrina. It came as no surprise that they are both awesome.

The first night we walked around a few brick buildings. In California we don't have that many brick buildings due to our grounds shaking and doing their platonic dance often. There are some, but not many. After a few turns, from SW 6th street and we walked right into some cilantro scented imaginary cloud and we ordered some vietnamese food. The sandwich I had for dinner was delicioso, the beer was light and easy. The company was the best.

I don't have many pictures from the first day other than the train and at the airport.
A handful at night.
It was my first time to the beaver state and as soon dinner and pals was planned, everything else was to be left behind in the hotel.

After dinner, we spent some time walking in the rain, drinking and the rain. Theater spotting!
It happened to slightly rain everyday we were there but it was the very brittle kind.
Dave y Trina were very patient to show us around and also give us places to check out and things, food, and spots they are fans of. I love these two Oregonians.

We even got to meet their kitties and check out their angelic apartment. How rad is this elevator?!
dave y patrina cherub friends

There is a minute wine bar at the bottom of their apartment with a small black chalkboard next to its tiny entrance and most people talking and chatting the night away all over the place. They were plenty of tables but most people preferred to hang right by its rather small bar. If I recall correctly there was only one person wine-tending.

We ordered some post-dinner spirits while it was raining. We sat on the curbside tables without anything covering us the light rain. Chatted.
Mellow bohemian súper cool at its finest.
Thankfully thin polyester dries quite fast and after a wonderful evening to be had, back to the train it was. Shortly after met with Morpheus.

Gracias Dave and Patrina, was beyond wonderful to spend some good times with you.

The sequence of events is in no particular order.
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  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 it was so much fun spending time with you two!!!!!! I wish we lived closer!

  2. Portland - been on my list for 20 years. Someday.

    Love the "style" of this story. It clicks.


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