Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to Earth Two by El Zumpango films.

Gracias to Jesus from El Zumpango films for letting me know of his newest short film, featuring local cyclist and fellow randonneur Manny Acosta. This was recently shot over in Half Moon Bay. For those of you outside the Bay Area, that is about 30 miles south on our beautiful coast.

Back to Earth Two
from El Zumpango on Vimeo.
A journey from urban sprawl to the California coast via bicycle. 
directed & shot by jesus beltran aka elzumpango 
edited by samuel t martinez 
manny acosta as the cyclist 
music hedron by bbng

Look at all the greenery!
+ Manny's complete Flickr set is available Half-Moon Bay S240 by MannyAcosta

+ More on Zumpango films here: | zumpango films on facebooktumblr

+ Previously posted: Back to Earth (I) last summer, was glad to see it had a great response around Zumpango films' social media channels.
8AUG2013 | Back to Earth

- - -
Keep up the great work you both, they are so beautiful.
♥ | Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Meligrosa!

  2. Too great! Gotta ride that route on a less wet day.

  3. love these bay area transitions from "urban sprawl" to wilderness. Great video. Thanks for sharing.


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