Monday, October 14, 2013

mucha música monday

✖ | María del Pilar: Huaso de Los Angelitos
Glad I've subscribed to one of my favoritas Angelina email newsletter, I get all kinds of awesome update doses on what Pilar is up to with música y all. This video is super cute, all those hats - also she featured her dad, and the beauty of being around horses. ¡muy bonito!
“…directed by Helder Sun + Ally Garrett. Featured is the Club de Huasos USA from San Bernardino, CA where we filmed on their ranch all the horses and huasos. Gepe and I are filmed overlooking Downtown Los Angeles at Angel's Point in Elysian Park. My father also makes a cameo. Can you figure out who he is in the video?…” -via María Del Pilar's newsletter.

✖ | Upstairs Downstairs: Parkas Indoors
Easy to listen to music. I like that.
[via thebaybridged – Jason Shane] “…Self-described purveyors of “dreamy, folk-tinged indie rock,” Upstairs Downstairs crafted an ethereal and mysterious thirty-five minute follow-up to their debut, 2010′s Inland and Out. The new album bounces between borderline shoegaze material and folk rock, driven by moving vocal melodies (led by Ford’s powerful voice) and McGraw’s intricate and often soaring guitar work. It’s a gripping record from start to finish, pulling inspiration from a myriad of influences.”

✖ | Coo Coo Birds: Mariposa Venenosa

Also found out about San Francisco-based band los Coo Coo Birds via theBayBridged. Scruffy sticky sounds y repetitive messy riffs. Me gusta.
You may have heard their music already via the locally based GpPro commercials.

✖ | Cat Doorman: Madame Claire
I found out about this Californian now based in Portland via the currently happening through the end of October at a library near you – SFPublicLibrary 2013 Tricycle Music Fest.
Love her voice and energy, so positive and calming.
Cat Doorman is Julianna Bright: “…musician, an artist, a mom and a big believer in the power of art, story and song to make us kinder, braver, better humans.” 

✖ | Meneo: Vamo A Ve
A ver, a ver (let's see/lemme see/we'll see) if this tune boosts your energy, or reminds you of adults doing aerobics with flourescent outfits, LA Gears and leg warmers while you were too busy playing with hot wheels (you= me.)


✖ | Ibi Ego: Hookie
Ibi Ego is a band from Tijuana, found via TheBlogofJulioRomero. A cup of Zoé mixed with a half-cup de Babasónicos, and add a dash of simplified industrial synths ala New Order.

✖ | but first, coffee
treat yourself to a good cup of unpretentious coffee, or tea.
it's my birthday this week and that is my favorite thing to do with loved ones, friends.

foto by KT. i no longer have blond hair. or any hair, for that matter.
Meeting Meli to discuss ideas

fotos are also one of my fave things in the world. if you live in the city of internets, share a link in the comments below or tweet / ig  and I'll share a set later this month.

thank you very much for reading.


  1. Hey Ya !
    Happy Monday .... It's my sister's birthday Tuesday ..... :)
    So have a great birthday , Meli ...

    1. Jon - what a special week then :) & thank you!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday and some spot-on coffee to celebrate :-) Very best wishes for a year ahead that will be filled with memories for the future x

    1. thank you georgie(!!) for such kind words & wishes --sincerely xxom


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