Saturday, December 28, 2013

Window bike shop

Mi fave bike shop is Citizen Chain, it is located at the corner of Powell y Chestnut.
Last Saturday, I spent some time in North Beach. This window display is just a few steps westbound on chestnut :)

I had to put mi bag up to capture their little ceiling bike rack (¡too cute!) the window glare was super bright.

It was great to catch up with Dallas and spending a bit of time at Citizen Chain.
After hanging out at the shop, I went for a long walk along the Bay. It was a beautiful winter day at approx 60°F.

I am not the most active person on FB, so I just learnt that their window was smashed in late November, with a hammer to smash their front window and steal a bike. It was a grab and go. Damn. So be in the look out for an Italian colors-painted Motta Personal (2001).

I'm not sure if the FB embed feature works, so here is a link [Citizen Chain Cyclery broken window]
The window has since been replaced and looks great. 

If el santa didn't bring you the vintage or pashley bike of your dreams, make sure you visit this little gem and my favorite bikey corner in north beach.
Just a note, none of my posts are/have ever been sponsored. I just really love these guys :)



  1. That is a bummer that that happened. Too many Americans are on drugs and making terrible choices.
    Also, the little Christmas display is charming. Thanks for the post.
    Have a great New Year

  2. The new display looks awesome tho. Soooo happy looking :-)


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