Monday, January 13, 2014


Thirteen of January.
Just wanted to say hola, and hope the new year has started well for you. It has been a rather peaceful and serene pace for me. Learning to live and cherish a tranquil lifestyle has been has been a journey of its own. I am ready for 2014 and the people in it. Places. Moments. The stories waiting to happen.

Here are three quick images from this past Saturday. Grateful to have had a day with a hefty art dose.
Will post more pictures and words as the month settles.

Fotos were taken with the LX5 unedited and straight from the camera.
All the best,

A fog/rain Saturday morning in the (admission free)  DeYoung's tower. Having been there a few dozen times, I learned that morning that its official name is Hamon Observation Tower.

Enjoyed an early morning at the David Hockney exhibit beginning at 930am. That was a first, but meeting with a small group, timing-wise that worked out great. Joined the drawing group afterwards and had a great time sitting down in the museum's cafeteria a couple of hours after the museum stroll, amazing to see there were so many people out and ready to check out the exhibit fairly early. Didn't learn until sitting down outside the coat check desk (where the picture above was taken) that it was quite crowded due to the exhibit's last days. Makes sense, but it doesn't. Not sure I will go to another early museum activity that doesn't allow me to consume oodles of caffeine while at it … :)


  1. Enjoying an easy start to a new year is a lovely way to begin it :-)
    That first photo is amazing!


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