Monday, February 3, 2014

mucha música Monday: febrero edition

Santa Sabina: Estando aqui no estoy
Having a teenager niece, I retract to music that I liked at her age and we talk about it. Last week I introduced her mid-90's björk songs and Rita Guerrero, the vocalist for Santa Sabina (Mexico). I got to see her once in concert, and it was a very indie/feminist inspiration, before I really knew what that meant. Rita passed about 3 years ago at age 46 :(

Hibbity Dibbity: Gold
Nice little tune that I found myself listening while reading the interwebs.
–found via the BayBridged

St. Lucia: When the Night [2013]
I forget how I came across this song. It's a bit fast if you like to wake up and listen to something a little upbeat while making coffee. It's 7 minutes, so boil water, grind and frenchpress after 5 minutes. It works out for me. Kinda want to wear fluorescent leg warmers, though.

Emmet y Edith Gowin
This particular video isn't about music per se. It is about love, craft and photography. Partnership from both ends of the lens, and in life. Such a beautiful relationship, I enjoyed viewing it so much.
–found via Ike Edeani

David Lynch: And Light Shines
This one dropped last week. It is just a tad, tiny bit, Negativland.

Ana Tijoux: Vengo
Ana's new album drops in March. Her new single Vengo (I come) became available a couple of weeks ago. She is such a good MC.

María del Pilar: Quien Eres
No better way to start the week, and the month with a new Pilar video. She is a total belleza musical! Her music is such a dose of mucho happy con glitter. ♥♥♥

Pharrell WIlliams: Happy (Dubs edition)
Speaking of happy, I love basketball. Love the dubs.
Last Thursday we got to see the premiere of this Golden State version video at the game versus LA Clippers during a prolonged timeout (nationally televised-game timeouts aka commercials, can be quite lengthy) with my friend Butter Bill at the Oracle Arena.
And Curry with an A's hat, not sure I can love that All-Star any more.

My fave are the little kids, they have some great moves. So talented!
It is inspired from the 24hoursofhappy by Pharell Williams, which I had not seen the website for … where have I been?! Very cool :)

Have a great week –– xxomeli.

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  1. Good music. I did not know Ana Tijoux had new music out, thanks.


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