Monday, March 3, 2014

mucha música Monday: March

February is a personal eternity but I cherish its deep meaning. I welcome March with music and a sincere smile. Music makes most situations ,and in some instances cubicles, just a bit better, right? 
Have a great start of the month –

Karen O: The Moon Song [KCRW live recording]
Saw this performed this past weekend at the Oscars. Very sweet, can't wait to see the movie “Her.”
Writer/Director Spike Jonze, Singer Karen O and Production Designer KK Barrett performed a special acoustic version of the Oscar-nominated "The Moon Song" for Morning Becomes Eclectic.

And the Giraffe: Sorry
Awhile ago I received a sweet email from Nick (thanks!) introducing his band: Nashville-based And the Giraffe:
We recently strapped a film camera to the front of a bicycle with some spare rigging equipment we found in our friend/director's garage and some duct tape. The whole video cost us about $200 to make and we got to ride around LA and out into the desert for some gorgeous shots at the end. It really offers a unique perspective of being able to see yourself as you ride a bike!” 

Their video is filmed en ELAY. Have not lived there, so I love visiting Los Angeles. Also, would love to one day visit Nashville –

Arctic Monkeys: Do I want to know?
Had heard the song and liked it but had not yet seen the video, very playful. Directed by David Wilson–
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? from David Wilson on Vimeo.

Chulius and The Filarmónicos: Leita
Because us gals wake up with pushup bras everyday. Good light song to not take ourselves too seriously, right :)

Angel Olsen: Hi-Five
Just learned because of her words “I am the only one ” via the LATimes [Angel Olsen learns there's nothing wrong in a little selfishness] and she is playing tonight at the Great American Music Hall.

Guacamole: Recuerdos
Nice! They have a small amount of work online, but sound very promising. and delicious :)
Guacamole live session Xalapa 2013Facebook:

St Vincent and her Rainbow:
“At 12 I stopped playing soccer and picked up the guitar” Adorable. via rookiemag

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